Webinar: Financial services in a virtual world: Tactics and strategies to drive growth now

The financial services landscape is changing – and fast.

Evolving customer expectations and next generation technology are fuelling a digital revolution. But what does the period of transformation mean for consultants and how can you ensure you stand out in a crowded marketplace?

When 91% of decision-makers tell us they prefer working with advisors who are well-informed about their industry, it’s clear you need to be striking up conversations that showcase your expertise; you need to build relationships first, portfolios second.

In this webinar with Jeremiah Desmarais, founder and CEO of Advisorist, we’ll explore the ways in which you can leverage technology to help you engage more effectively.

Tune in to hear us discuss:

  • How to use insights to position yourself as a trusted partner
  • The role data plays in delivering value for both advisors and prospects
  • How LinkedIn Sales Solutions can help you build and nurture better relationships

Featured Speakers

Paul Terry
Paul Terry
Head of Enterprise Sales for EMEA & Latin America
LinkedIn Sales Solutions
Jeremiah Desmarais
Jeremiah Desmarais
Founder and CEO of Advisorist