Master LinkedIn Sales Navigator with These Best Practices

Sales Navigator is a deep sales platform used by thousands of organizations to help find, connect, and engage with target buyers. But sales organizations are often just scratching the surface of Sales Navigator's capabilities.

The LinkedIn Sales Solutions team interviewed over 60 top users to understand how they use Sales Navigator. The findings were summarized into a 9-step playbook of “LinkedIn Sales Navigator Best Practices.”

At this on-demand webinar, we will share our new playbook with you. We will also have Morgan Ingram, Founder of Ascension Media Productions, and Jheryn Kenney, a Key Accounts Manager at LinkedIn share how they both use Sales Navigator.

A few of the best practices we will cover include:

  • Leveraging Sales Navigators Search To Find Your Buyers
  • Finding Warm Paths Into Your Book of Business
  • Staying Up-To-Date With Your Buyers
  • Personalizing Your Outreach

Featured Speakers

Mike Chanler
Mike Chanler (Host)
Senior Product Marketing Manager
LinkedIn Sales Solutions
Morgan Ingram
Morgan Ingram
Founder and CEO
Ascension Media Productions
Jheryn Kenney
Jheryn Kenney
Key Account Manager
LinkedIn Sales Solutions