Multithreading in Sales: Why it Matters and How to do it well

Some sellers think that reaching out to the most senior decision maker is all you need. But the reality is that today, most B2B buying decisions are consensus-driven. We typically see about 11+ people involved in any complex B2B sales cycle and Gartner expects sales organizations who multithread to outperform competitors by 50%.

Top sellers build a network of relationships at their key accounts to minimize risk, drive larger deals, and secure renewals. Sales Navigator recommends the multiple connections at each account and provides tools to map out buying committees so sellers can prioritize the right relationships.

With buying groups becoming more prominent and with higher buyer turnover, it’s important to target, build, and map relationships in Sales Navigator: Multi-threading pays off! Sales Navigator sellers who are connected on LinkedIn to at least four people at an account are 16% more likely to close a deal with that company.

In this Sales Navigator Masterclass 3, explore Multithreading in Sales: Why it Matters and How to do it well

  • Learn how to build a network of relationships at each key account to help secure renewals and larger opportunities.
  • Differentiate between buyers and champions to get your foot in the door and close deals faster.
  • Going beyond shared connections to find hidden allies and crafting the right message

About the Sales Navigator Masterclass Series 

The monthly virtual Sales Navigator Masterclass Series aims to equip sales professionals with the knowledge and tools to excel in deep sales prospecting through insightful discussions, practical tips, and expert guidance.  

  • Gain Expertise: Explore advanced Sales Navigator features and capabilities.
  • Hands-on Learning: Turn theory into practice with interactive exercises.
  • Integration Expertise: Optimize daily workflows for exceptional results.
  • Community Support: Join the community for networking and support.

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Bruno Rodrigues
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