Multithreading in Sales: Why it Matters and How to do it well

Top sellers always know what's happening at their accounts. Missing out on big news can lead to missed deals. Recent research by LinkedIn found that 85% of sellers identified buyer intent data as “very important” or “important” to their sales organization.

Finding the buyers who are in the market right now is crucial for sellers because studies show that only 5% of businesses are in the market for a specific product in any one quarter. By pinpointing which buyers are currently in the market, sellers can prioritize which accounts to call on now — and, just as importantly, which to save until later. 

In this month's masterclass, we'll explore how you can track when your buyers change roles, companies have major leadership hires, or have a relevant update to share.
In this Sales Navigator Masterclass 5, you will learn:

  • How to identify Buyers When They’re Ready to Engage leveraging Sales Navigator functionality such as Buyer Intent and Relationship Map. 

  • Research ahead of meetings and delve into important insights so that your time is best spent on uncovering new opportunities.  

  • How to leverage our alerts and saved functionality features to ensure Sales Navigator is working for you. Saving you time and fostering greater value.

  • Tips from our very own top performing colleagues Georgia Nash and Monika Andreev on how they power smarter selling with Sales Navigator and do more with less. 

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Featured Speakers

Georgia Nash
Georgia Nash
Enterprise Relationship Manager
Monika Andreev
Monika Andreev
Senior Customer Success Manager