Building a motivated pipeline through data and creativity

“The benefits are two-fold really. Not only can we engage specific talents with tailored content in a very granular way, but our creative also boosts our broader employee value proposition, positioning trivago as an inventive and creative place to work”
Lee Jones
- Lee Jones, Creative Copywriter
“The best thing for me is the increase in efficiency. Being able to manage candidates in one place drastically improves time spent on unnecessary processes and communication, means that the screening time is reduced by 30-40% depending on the position.”
Lukas Kucera
Lukas Kucera, Recruiter

“Potential and motivation are two of the biggest factors we look for in candidates. LinkedIn Pipeline Builder not only provides us with a shortlist of qualified and interested candidates, but their profile also gives us much more valuable information than a CV.”
Philipp Heginger
- Philipp Heginger, Recruiter

Building a relevant pipeline of highly engaged talent: top tips from the trivago team:

“I see it not as building a pipeline, but rather building relationships. In the traditional recruiting process, we may have had to send refusal letters to candidates which, given the quality of leads generated by Pipeline builder, would have been a big shame to lose. This way it is much easier to stay in touch, and some of the interested parties have since been put forward for other open positions, or invited to join our Talent Community”
Olga Narzekalak
- Olga Narzekalak, Recruiter