Not all jobs are created equal. Some roles attract incredible interest from companies around the world. And that sky-high demand means companies need to get creative and take a more active approach to finding top candidates. 

Dive into this analysis of LinkedIn data to find the most in-demand jobs by industry and function. Whether you’re a recruiter curious about where you’ll face the fiercest competition, or a business leader analyzing trends to inform your workforce planning, you’re guaranteed insights that just might surprise you.

You’ll also find novel ways to build your teams, including:

  • Unexpected “hidden gem” sources for talent with high supply and low demand 
  • Tactics to help you more effectively assess candidates’ skills
  • Ways to upskill employees internally instead of relying on new hires

Stay informed with the data you need to take action today.


"Only 11% of talent professionals and hiring managers surveyed said they were proactive about hiring in-demand talent—while nearly half (48%) were more reactive, only looking to hire once their need was urgent. These reactive companies were far more likely to lower standards and increase compensation when struggling to hire."

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