Interview experience survey


1. My recruiter was knowledgeable about LinkedIn as a company

2. My recruiter was knowledgeable about the job I was interviewing for and the team I would be working with

3. The interview process (structure, timing, etc.) was clearly explained to me

4. My recruiter was an asset during the interview and decision making process

5. My recruiter, on average, followed up with me once a week and feedback following my interviews was timely

Interview Team

1. The interview questions by the interview team were relevant and each interview had a different focus

2. The interview team was welcoming and engaging throughout the duration of the interview

3. The interview increased my desire to work at LinkedIn


1. My interview was accurately scheduled and confirmed based on the interview I provided the recruiter or RC

2. I received my interview information in a timely manner in order to allow me to adequately prepare for my onsite interview

3. I had a good experience with respect to how I was treated upon arrival for my onsite

4. Overall, the quality and speed of the interview coordination process met my expectations