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1. What your story should aim to achieve:

When we publish content on the Talent Blog, we look for stories that:

  • Share detailed best practices/tips/tricks with the community
  • Share innovative ideas
  • Entertain or inspire (gifs, memes, humor are always welcome)
  • Give very specific tactical examples of how a strategy was implemented and share results

2. The topics we cover:

While we are certainly not limited to the below topics, here are some subjects our audience is interested in learning about:

  • Diversity
  • AI
  • Interviewing
  • Data/analytics/measurement
  • The future of recruiting
  • Sourcing talent
  • Company culture and employer brand
  • General recruiting tips/strategies
  • Salary negotiations
  • Candidate experience
  • Employee retention and motivation
  • Recruiting humor
  • Increasing quality of hire
  • ...and so on

3. Useful points to address in your pitch to us:

  • Originality and impact: Search our blog to see if your idea has been covered before. What unique perspectives or solutions does your story bring?
  • Expertise: What gives you the authority to speak on this topic and why should the audience spend time reading your story?
  • Reason to believe: What are some examples or data or major points that will be backing up your story?

After you fill out the form, we will review your pitch. Due to the number of pitches we receive each week, we may not be able to respond to each one. If we think your idea is a good fit, we will reach out about next steps for writing the first draft. We will need to see a full draft before officially accepting and we may ask you do to multiple rounds of revisions.

Please know that we cannot guarantee publication -- the final choice is up to the editors. If your idea is accepted (woohoo!), please note that we have final decision over headline and the image. We will also maintain copyright on finished posts, but the ideas belong to authors.

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