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The candidate journey has been transformed. Data shows that candidates are researching your company, scanning employee and leadership profiles, before reaching out. So how can you take advantage of these changes?

Join Sunita Chaudhary, LTS Insights lead-India, and Sruthi Menon, Solutions Consultant- LTS India, for a webinar on 'It Takes Two to Tango: Employer Branding & Hiring'.

You'll come away from this webcast knowing:

• How the LinkedIn ‘Branding and Hiring’ framework delivers results
• Why analytics leads you to the right candidate sooner
• How to increase your Inmail acceptance rate by 2X

Register now and join this interesting conversation! Are you ready to Tango?

Sunita Chaudhary
Sunita Chaudhary
LTS Insights lead-India, Linkedin
Sruthi Menon
Sruthi Menon
Solutions Consultant - LTS India, Linkedin