What if you could read the minds of candidates?
Latest LinkedIn Research can help

Find out what Southeast Asia professionals want when it comes to their current jobs and what would convince them to accept new job offers.

In this free webinar, we will walk you through the insights from our Talent Trends 2016 report, which surveyed professionals in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia

You’ll learn:
• What talent is interested in hearing about new job opportunities
• The split between active and passive talent in Southeast Asia
• What candidates want to learn about a company before they accept a job offer
• Which channels candidates use to find new jobs

You’ll also find out how each of these trends affects you and your organisation and learn strategies to attract the best candidates.

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Featured Speakers

Grace Kerrison
Grace Kerrison
Director, Global Accounts - Asia Pacific
Pooja Chhabria
Pooja Chhabria
Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific