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Australian governments are actively working to reinvent the public sector for the digital age. The goal is to create a sector that can meet the public’s ever-increasing expectation for fast and personalised government services while keeping the nation safe from new cyber threats.

The key to successfully navigating this is to focus on the talent needed to make change a reality.

Find out how the public sector can compete for talent in key areas. Join our 45-minute live webcast to hear the findings of our newly released 2016 Public Sector Report.

Our expert speakers will present the data of the report and will discuss:

  • Where Australia's professionals live and how you can find the talent you're looking for
  • Supply and demand of in demand roles for the Public Sector
  • How to attract the right people for your organisation
  • How you can find graduates and how you can get them to join your organisation

Register today to reserve your spot.

Ben Etherington
ANZ Public Sector Manager
Talent Solutions, LinkedIn
Andrea Pavela
Insights Analyst