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People are increasingly looking for jobs that give them personal fulfillment. Companies are seeing that purpose-oriented employees are more productive and successful. If you are in a position to influence hiring, talent management, or employee experience -- the purpose movement cannot be ignored.

However, we know purpose can feel vague! It's hard to figure out where to start. A purpose platform, Imperative, and LinkedIn set out to get answers. We surveyed over 26,000 LinkedIn members across 40 countries and in 15 languages to understand the state of purpose around the world. In addition, we talked to a number of different purpose led companies to get you the best tips and tactics.

Join this exclusive webinar with Aaron Hurst, CEO of Imperative and author of the Purpose Economy and LinkedIn’s Scott Parish.

In 45 minutes, you'll:

  • Learn how to incorporate purpose into your talent branding efforts 
  • Discover ways to infuse your organization’s purpose throughout the recruitment process
  • Understand what drives your employees, and how they experience purpose

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Featured Speakers

Aaron Hurst
Aaron Hurst
CEO of Imperative
Author of the Purpose Economy
Scott Parish
Scott Parish
Purpose Lead