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Did you know that organizations who post at least one status update per week see 40% more job post views and 25% more apply clicks?

Strong content can establish relationships with candidates and enhance their perception of your talent brand. Providing information that helps candidates professionally builds trust and positive feelings toward your organization. Is your Federal agency taking full advantage of its LinkedIn Company Page posts to attract talent?

Join Lisa Shah, LinkedIn Federal Branding Consultant, for this 45 minute session. She will teach you how to get started with content marketing and tips for using it to nuture relationships with the top talent you need. 

In this webcast you'll learn: 

  • The importance of engaging your LinkedIn follower base
  • Basics of posting and targeting Company Page status updates
  • How to create content when time and resources are limited
  • How to amplify the reach of your content in front of key talent pools


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Featured Speaker

Lisa Shah
Lisa Shah
Sr. Media Account Manager