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The biggest obstacle when trying to get qualified job candidates to consider your company is a lack of knowledge about your company and its available roles. This is where talent brand comes into play. Through a variety of social channels—LinkedIn among them—your company can provide job seekers with an inside look at your culture and values, allowing candidates to visualize what it would be like to work at your company, where they might fit in, and the type of career they can build there.

While it’s clear that a strong, unique talent brand is crucial to consistently making high-quality hires, how can your company be sure its talent brand is performing?

Join Stephanie Kender, LinkedIn Talent Brand Consultant, for this quick and informative 45-minute session. She’ll teach you how to measure the ROI of your company’s talent brand using key metrics such as social follower quality, talent response rate, and applicant quality. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to quantify the success of your company’s talent brand and understand how to make it more effective. 

Expect to learn:

  • The importance of talent brand
  • How talent brand impacts talent acquisition
  • Metrics for quantifying the success of your talent brand

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Featured Speaker

Stephanie Kender
Stephanie Kender
Talent Brand Consultant