A recent investigative analysis of job switchers’ data from 2013 to 2016 by LinkedIn shows that April to June is the most common time for professionals in India to find their next play. In fact, there is conclusive proof that maximum job switches happen during this time, reinforcing the intuition that seeking a job change post appraisals and performance reviews is actually a key trend in our country. 

Studying the behaviour of new hires powered through LinkedIn reveals that professionals were constantly engaging with their future employer’s talent brand at least 5 months in advance, continuing the candidate journey from thereon.

Listen to our first webcast of 2017, where Manoj Kenadath, TA Lead at LinkedIn India shares his learnings and insights on how to leverage the peak job switching season and build a strong talent pipeline by streamlining your hiring efforts at the beginning of the year itself. 

You will learn how:

  1.  LinkedIn goes about planning its acquisition strategy for the year
  2.  Impacting a candidate’s journey early on ensures a spot on their consideration set
  3. You can make the most of job switching season by preparing sooner

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Manoj Kenadath
Manoj Kenadath
Talent Acquisition Lead
LinkedIn India