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53% of talent leaders told us they would invest more in employer branding if they had unlimited budget - it was the number one thing they listed. But how can you prove the value of increased employer brand spending when recruiting budgets are frequently flat year over year?

Allow us to demystify the business case for employer branding and provide you with a strong argument for why employer branding adds tremendous value to your talent acquisition strategy. Traditionally, talent acquisition has put more emphasis on the bottom half of the hiring funnel, but the top half - the branding and awareness piece - is equally as critical. Embracing employer branding as a crucial piece of your strategy ensures you capture the entire candidate journey and don't miss out on reaching a large pool of qualified professionals. We'll dive into what that journey looks like, how it impacts the success of your recruiting, and how to prove ROI once you do invest in employer branding.

Join Rafael Marcus, LinkedIn Solutions Consultant, for this quick and informative 45-minute session that will empower you to make the case for employer brand investment.

Expect to learn:

  • Why you can improve your recruiting results by adding focus to the top of the hiring funnel
  • Key metrics to track when measuring the impact of your employer branding efforts
  • How to calculate the ROI of your employer brand investment

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Rafael Marcus
Rafael Marcus
Senior Solutions Consultant