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Picture this.  You’re a recruiting leader and you get the call; your team needs to ramp up an entire sales team.  Or, that next round of start-up funding just came through and you need a new tech team of 50 people right away.  It’s time to hire!  Hiring at these volumes requires leadership and planning.

So, what do you do to ensure you deliver new talent with both speed and quality?

Join John Vlastelica, Managing Director of Recruiting Toolbox, as he shares the 10 key areas where you need to invest your time before you open all of those reqs and turn into a sourcing machine.

You’ll walk away with...

  • How to talk to hiring managers about what you need from them and what can be prioritized
  • Critical areas where your team needs to align before bringing in candidates
  • Proven tips to improve your process so that you can make quality hires, quickly
  • Important recruiting metrics that allow you to diagnose issues real-time and demonstrate progress

Get these hiring surge strategies and lead your recruiting team to the next level!

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John Vlastelica
John Vlastelica
Managing Director, Recruiting Toolbox,