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In 2016 research, LinkedIn discovered the striking effect employer and consumer brands can have on a company's financial results. We found that when companies have strong engagement with both their employer and consumer brands, they see a 35% increase in sales versus companies that don't rate highly in both areas. So how do you align your brands to achieve similar results?

By leveraging its three pillars: employer, consumer, and corporate. Combining them will create a synchronized, powerhouse brand that is valued by potential hires and positively impacts the overall success of your business.

Join Kristin Rice, Linked Talent Brand Consultant, for this quick and informative 45-minute session. She will explain the ins and outs of creating a strong, unified brand presence that incorporates all of your brand entities—setting your company up for recruiting and business success.

Expect to learn:

  • What it means to make branding an organizational function
  • Key actions to take to increase brand alignment
  • How merging corporate, employer and consumer brands will give your company a competitive advantage

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Kristin Rice
Kristin Rice
Senior Solutions Consultant