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Diversity is about much more than equal opportunity – it can actually drive business success. This may be why then, according to LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2017 report, diversity is the leading trend in the recruiting industry.

But building a diverse workforce and, in turn, a brand that promotes diversity, takes time. Leveraging employees as brand ambassadors and promoting authentic employee stories are some simple ways to get started. These tactics help give the diverse talent pool you’re seeking a real taste of what life is like at your company, and how they could be a valuable addition to it.

Join Melody Cheung, Sr. LinkedIn Talent Brand Consultant, for this quick and informative 45-minute session that will teach you how employer branding can help build a pipeline of diverse talent. She will be accompanied by Kirsti Stubbs-Coleman, Global Talent Acquisition Program Manager for Starbucks, who will speak to the impact diverse hiring continues to have on the company.

Expect to learn:

  • Why diversity matters to your business
  • What tactics to use to attract and engage diverse talent
  • How to tell authentic stories about diversity

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Featured Speakers

Melody Cheung
Melody Cheung
Sr. Talent Brand Consultant
Kirsti Stubbs-Coleman
Kirsti Stubbs-Coleman
Global Talent Acquisition Program Manager