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Industry research has shown that candidates need 3-10 touches before applying. You can't win talent overnight, but you can influence people along their journey and help them make the right decision about their next career move. By creating and sharing unique, informative content across social platforms, you can engage your target audience and showcase your culture. On top of that, our research found that when people see company content first, it can boost application rates on LinkedIn by up to 65%!

Join Avani Khanna, LinkedIn Solutions Consultant, for this informative 60-minute session that will teach you about the importance of content marketing as it relates to lead generation. You will learn tips and best practices for creating, distributing, and optimizing your content – ultimately helping you build a targeted pipeline of qualified talent.

Expect to learn:

  • How branding for influence can improve your quality of hire
  • The benefits of engaging candidates with content throughout their journey
  • Tips and tricks for optimizing your content for lead generation

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Featured Speaker

Avani Khanna
Avani Khanna
LinkedIn Solutions Consultant