LinkedIn Learning Virtual Summit

3 Hot Topics in the HR World

What does it take to deliver people success in a time of flux? It's a big question and we'd like to invite you to tackle it at this event.


Andrea Abbate
Andrea Abbate
Head of Sales Readiness, APAC
Santosh D’souza
Santosh D’souza
Regional Business Head - Talent, Learning Solutions & Glint
Deborah Thurley
Deborah Thurley
Positive Psychology & Mindfulness Facilitator & Educator
The Power Within

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LinkedIn + Glint Impact 2020 Series: Deliver People Success

Internal Mobility : Unlocking internal mobility to ensure business success

9.00am - 9.35am IST | 11.30am - 12.05pm SGT | 2.30pm - 3.05pm AEDT

Wellness session: How to refresh, rebalance and reset by Deborah Thurley

9.35am - 9.45am IST | 12.05pm - 12.15pm SGT | 3.05pm - 3.15pm AEDT

Hybrid Workforce: How to create an effective hybrid workforce

9.45am - 10.25am IST | 12.15pm - 12.55pm SGT | 3.15pm - 3.55pm AEDT

Wellness session: How to be mentally agile & flexible in a VUCA environment

10.25am - 10.35am IST | 12.55pm - 1.05pm SGT | 3.55pm - 4.05pm AEDT

People Success: Cultivating great managers to deliver people success

10.35am - 11.15am IST | 1.05pm - 1.45pm SGT | 4.05pm - 4.45pm AEDT

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