LinkedIn CheckIn on Mobile - Capture Leads at Events

Never Miss an Event Lead Again


What's new with CheckIn?

  • New CheckIn Questions: beyond asking candidates about their "areas of interest", you can now ask other qualifying questions: full-time or internship? GPA? Preferred office location? 
  • CheckIn Search Filters: quickly hone in on the right candidates; for example, those who are interested in an internship and have a 3.5+ GPA

Engage and recruit top talent at every event with CheckIn

  • Capture leads instantly at events
  • Leads will automatically follow your Company Page
  • Access rich and dynamic profiles in real-time
  • Contact leads immediately and share with your team
  • Customize the experience with your brand & message
  • Track results over time

Here's how it works

  1. Create your CheckIn form in Recruiter and launch it on any mobile device 
  2. Candidates enter contact info and confirm their LinkedIn profile if they have one  
  3. Leads are added to Recruiter in real-time, so you and your team can engage immediately
  • "CheckIn really reinforced our brand. Everyone on campus said, "This is so cool". We also love that we get to send an instant ‘Thank You’ note to each student so they don’t feel that their information is going into a black hole."
    Halley Marsh's Picture Halley Marsh TA Manager at Rosetta
  • "Paper resumes are so laborious. They not only have turned Career Fair conversations into robotic experiences, but you then have to lug them back with you. Once home, those live paper resumes need to be turned into electronic copies to send to Hiring Managers. . . and then must be kept for a minimum of two years per retention policies. We decided it was time to turn Career Fair management on its head, and that meant going paperless. Check-in has allowed us to take this huge step"
    Scott Stockwell's Picture Scott Stockwell Recruiting Manager at Shutterfly