Discover the epic tales of marketers who pushed storytelling to the next level.

At LinkedIn Marketing Solutions we believe in the power of storytelling – and the history of content marketing is filled with epic tales of innovation and creativity. So we decided to put the two together. Astonishing Tales of Content Marketing is the result.

In this eBook you’ll find an amazing line-up of true-life stories showing how marketers produced some of history’s most compelling content. They’ll entertain you, they’ll inspire you – and they’ll help you to be a better content marketer.

Download the eBook to learn:

  • How Blendtec created a YouTube empire
  • How Michelin became the last word in restaurant reviews
  • How a train company turned public service announcements into a global media brand
  • What it took to put Jean Claude Van Damme between two Volvo Trucks

Plus other astonishing tales from HSBC, Betty Crocker and more.

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