Insurance marketers:
engage decision-makers and develop meaningful relationships

Insurance decision-makers are time-poor and bombarded with competing messages. For them, insurance is a must-have but the process can be long and complex.

Insurance marketers need to ensure that content cuts through to influence the ultimate decision-makers and those within their sphere of influence.

Our latest case study Break Through The Noise highlights how American International Group, Inc. (AIG) succeeded in maximizing engagement, partnering with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions:
Financial Services on a multi-product strategy that enabled it to:

  • Educate its target audience on its multiple offerings
  • Change negative perceptions and amplify its brand
  • Share knowledge and thought leadership
  • Position itself as an expert insurer
  • Establish an ongoing and open dialogue
  • Showcase content with an ‘always on’ connection

The inherent targeting ability of LinkedIn tools allowed AIG to meet the growing demand for real-time communication by:

  • Reaching 100k+ professionals’ LinkedIn inboxes over six months
  • Adding 270k+ followers, targeting the right members at the right time
  • Achieving Top 20 best Sponsored Content 46 unique times during 2015
  • Confirming a significant increase in interaction with AIG content and 68k+ social engagements

Download Break Through The Noise  now to find out more about how LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services can help your organization rethink its customer journeys.

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