Asset Management Marketers: Engage Audiences That Are Difficult To Influence

Financial advisors (FA) are a difficult audience to influence. They are hungry for insight, but face a number of challenges such as keeping up with changes in regulation, advancements in technology and general market volatility.

FAs are a sophisticated audience but they don’t have time to engage with lots of content every day. Asset management marketers need to ensure that messages resonate and cut through the noise to enable their firms to stay ahead of the competition.                                

Our latest case study The Complexity Challenge highlights how J.P. Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM) succeeded in reengaging its time poor FA audience by revising its digital strategy with the help of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services.

Through the partnership, JPMAM deployed a multiproduct and multiplatform approach with tailored customer journeys that would allow it to:

  • Grow its network of FAs
  • Deepen existing FA relationships
  • Target FAs with the right content at the right time
  • Help FAs to make better decisions on behalf of their clients
  • Enable FAs to deliver larger portfolios 

LinkedIn’s platform and bespoke solutions enabled JPMAM to create a differentiated experience for FAs at all levels, playing a significant part in driving the business forward to achieve:

  • 20% increase in website conversions
  • 200% engagement rates compared to platform benchmarks
  • 10x more showcase page followers among FAs and 6x more followers from other professions

Download The Complexity Challenge  now to find out more about how LinkedIn Marketing Solutions: Financial Services can help your organization rethink its customer journeys.

Download case study

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