Moments of Trust: Why customer value is the key to
sales and marketing alignment

We are entering a period where businesses are looking to regenerate and return to growth. And as sales and marketers, you are the chief drivers of business recovery, but you have to double-down on trust, rebuild and strengthen bonds, and focus all of your efforts on customer value.

This new guide examines the relationship between sales, marketing and the customer. Supported by a commissioned study with Forrester Consulting, it looks at how each interaction creates a moment of trust and builds long-term value.

In Moments of Trust, you'll learn more about the fundamental gaps in strategy, process, content and culture that sales and marketing teams need to close to increase their chances of delivering valuable moments of trust.

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  • Why Sales and Marketing Alignment is more important than ever
  • How trust is the key driver to successful alignment
  • Leverage a brand-new framework for successful alignment