Over the past decade, the world has evolved into a digital playground. With this vast digitized space, one cannot deny that the role of the marketer has evolved over the years and has grown indispensable to any company.

In current times, marketers are the sales-enablers, the voice of the company and have the authority and control to influence market perception. You are now more empowered than ever before, as a business leader and partner, to be in the driver’s seat of the organization.

Bring home a multitude of insights from our thought-provoking sessions and learn about:

  • The wider ambit of the marketing roles and responsibilities
  • How “Made In India” campaign was inspired and constructed from the ground up
  • The significance of purpose and culture and how it brings your brand to life

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Note that entry to the event is by registration only. LinkedIn reserves the right to decline access in-person or via email to individuals who do not fall within our validation criteria post registration upon review.

Please feel free to reach out to lmsindia@linkedin.com if you have any questions about the event.

Featured Speakers

Jeff Weiner

Shannon Stubo
CMO and Senior Vice President, Communications, LinkedIn

Hugh Burkitt
The Marketing Society

Amitabh Kant
NITI Aayog

14 September 2016, Wednesday

4:30PM - 7:15PM (followed by Cocktails and Networking)

The Leela Ambience Hotel, Gurgaon