About Company

Crisp is the global authority on social media risk; what’s happening, why it matters, what’s next, and how to deal with it all. They have the global reach, resources, and expert people that enable the design and implementation of the most effective solutions – protecting organisations and enabling their clients to take control.

Campaign Goals:

  • Generate leads
  • Thought leadership

Campaign Description

Crisp sought to acquire new leads, targeting senior social media and digital marketers. They understood that attracting this sophisticated audience would require powerful content in order to stand out and provide value to the reader. To do this, they created toolkits and guides specific to key industries, offering advice and sharing examples of how to promote and protect your brand on social media. In addition to regional industry-specific information, the reports were based on data collected from the top 1,000 brands on social media, which were analysed by Crisp systems and the social media team. As a result, the Crisp marketing team exceeded MQL goals, lowered CPLs, and increased their lead quality.

LinkedIn Products Used:

  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content