About Drawbotics

Drawbotics is a Belgian online marketplace dedicated to real estate marketing, offering high-end marketing services that include virtual reality, 3D, floor plans, websites, video animations, and more. Drawbotics is focused on expanding beyond its home market to establish a viable business across Europe and in the United States.

Campaign Goals:

  • Create awareness
  • Generate leads in the United States and Europe
  • Viral activity

Campaign Description

To generate awareness through viral activity, Drawbotics created detailed ULTRA HD 3D floor plans of popular TV shows that were set in offices, such as Suits, Mad Men, and The Office. The goal was to expose the 3D floor plans to the press so that they would go viral. The 3D floor plans were covered by major outlets like Business Insider, Buzzfeed, and Mashable. As a result, Drawbotics saw massive uplifts in traffic to their website and blog in addition to signups and sales across 40 different markets.

LinkedIn Products Used:

  • LinkedIn Share Button
  • Posts on LinkedIn