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Content marketing has the potential to fuel numerous marketing goals - from awareness to lead generation. Putting a solid strategy in place and quickly executing it are vital to success.

India is on the brink of a content marketing explosion. While 76% of marketers in the US plan to increase their use of content marketing, many marketers hesitate to take the leap in India. Challenges such as measuring ROI and hiring the right talent to implement new content marketing tactics abound. And traditional perceptions hinder full-funnel strategies when "increasing awareness" is seen as the main impact of content by 72% of Indian marketers.

We created this guide as a simple way for Indian marketers to build a content marketing strategy from the ground up - from planning all the way through measuring results.

Download The Indian Marketer’s Guide to Content Marketing for free and uncover:

  • How to lay a solid foundation for your content marketing strategy
  • The essential tools for managing and producing content
  • How to use LinkedIn to deliver meaningful content experiences
  • How to prove the value of your content marketing

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