Rethink Financial Content Marketing

Financial brands still face a trust deficit. This perhaps explains why over 80% of financial brands use content marketing. But is this enough?

According to Neilsen research, only 15% of consumers trust recommendations and content from brands, but 83% trust recommendations from people they know*.

To amplify this advocacy effect, many FS brands have opted to build their content marketing on the basis of member-driven communities. As well as gaining trust, they hope to build a sense of belonging and move from provider to ‘partner’. 

But the reality is harder than the theory. 

Building a community can take significant commitment in terms of effort and resource. If they don’t take-off, the lack of engagement is visible. And the degree of transparency required can make traditional bankers blanch.

At this session, our panel will debate the following:

  • Should we build our community on a social network or our own platform?
  • How do you put a measurable ROI to ‘community engagement’?
  • How do you moderate the community without stifling debate?
  • Can you expand offline into a physical community?
  • Is your organisation ready for transparency? How do you deal with negative posts?

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