Leverage LinkedIn Like a Pro

With its unique first-party data, precision targeting, and a growing membership of more than 430 million professionals, LinkedIn is an increasingly valuable channel for marketers and a network like no other. Learn how to get the most out of LinkedIn in this advanced session that explores smart ways to organize, manage, track, and optimize your campaigns to achieve maximum results.

Expert advertiser and consultant AJ Wilcox shares strategies and tactics for leveraging the LinkedIn platform like a pro. Join AJ and our own in-house demand generation authority Cassandra Clark as they reveal proven techniques for how to:

  • Structure campaigns for ease of scale, organization, and reporting
  • Drive leads using LinkedIn’s advanced targeting and accurate, first-party data
  • Create sophisticated targeting models around key audiences
  • Bid strategically and budget effectively to accomplish your goals
  • Launch creative and campaigns at scale
  • Set up ad tracking for proper attribution

Learn how to master advertising on the world’s largest professional network from experienced power users who’ve managed thousands of successful LinkedIn campaigns.

Featured Speakers

Cassandra Clark
Cassandra Clark
Marketing Manager
AJ Wilcox
AJ Wilcox
Independent LinkedIn Consultant