Get started with conversion tracking

Getting started with conversion tracking is a great first step to measuring the ROI from your LinkedIn ads. Whether you're tracking content downloads or sign-ups for your webinar, we're here to help you succeed with conversion tracking.

Please join us for this webcast where we'll discuss topics from setup to interpreting your conversion results. We'll cover top tips for success when getting up and running with conversion tracking. We'll also help you think through different strategies for using conversion tracking for your marketing objectives.

Also joining us is Priyank Savla from NetBrain, who will share his experiences with conversion tracking. Savla will discuss how he leveraged conversion tracking to keep a pulse on metrics that matters most to NetBrain, and how he used that information to take his LinkedIn strategy to the next level.

In this webcast, you’ll learn:

  • Top tips and tricks to help you succeed when setting up conversion tracking
  • Use conversion data and metrics, and optimize for each step of the conversion funnel to get the leads you want
  • Case Study: Hear from Priyank Savla about how NetBrain used conversion tracking to better understand their leads and use conversion metrics to better optimize their LinkedIn Sponsored Content performance

Featured Speakers

Phillipe Han
Phillipe Han
Product Marketing Manager
Priyank Savla
Priyank Savla
Digital Marketing Manager
NetBrain Technologies Inc.