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With LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, you can reach B2B audiences around the world in many ways. If you are launching your first ad campaign on LinkedIn, then tune in and hear how to get started.

Join us on Thursday, 02 March at 4pm AST | 1pm SGT | 10:30 IST for a live conversation about running campaigns with ease.

Introduction to Advertising on LinkedIn will cover:

  • Which ad products LinkedIn offers
  • How to create campaigns that meet your objectives
  • Demo of the Campaign Manager interface

Guest Speaker:
Jennifer Bunting | Head of Content & Product Marketing at LinkedIn in APAC

Jennifer is a digital native with over 15 years of experience in media and advertising. She joined LinkedIn in 2010 and has held a variety of roles. Currently, she is responsible for leading customer research, marketing strategy, and execution across content and product marketing efforts.

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Guest Speaker

Jennifer Bunting
Jennifer Bunting
Head of Content and Product Marketing for APAC