Looking for a new and better approach to content marketing?

We’ve got a big idea we’d like to share with you in our upcoming webinar.

The current approach to content marketing isn’t really working for anyone - surveys say that the vast majority of B2B marketers struggle to produce enough high quality content.

We think there’s a different way to monetize content, and we call it “Blockbuster Marketing”. It’s a content strategy that imitates Hollywood’s business model, relying on a single, heavyweight franchise that can be distributed year after year to build brand and drive leads.

Join us for a live webinar where we’ll cover:

  • Why marketers should imitate Hollywood instead of newspapers
  • How to build a B2B Blockbuster using our creative best practices
  • How to distribute and measure a B2B Blockbuster to drive ROI

Featured Speaker

Peter Weinberg
Peter Weinberg
Brand Strategist
Agency & Channel Development

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