How Thought Leadership Impacts Demand Generation
On-Demand Webcast with LinkedIn & Edelman

What makes thought leadership valuable and how does that translate into measurable business impact? New research from LinkedIn and Edelman provide definitive answers for B2B marketers.

Many of us intuitively know that thought leadership is valuable, but how valuable is it, and at what stages of the buying journey does it deliver impactful results?

Join Kelly Kyer, Global Director, Technology Vertical Marketing at LinkedIn and Phil Gomes, SVP of U.S. B2B Digital at Edelman for an on-demand webcast that will explore these questions, and:

  • Dive into key findings from our latest research surveying 1,300 business decision-makers and C-suite executives on how thought leadership influences their own purchase behavior.
  • Present compelling data that justifies the value of thought leadership, especially when marketers today underestimate its value to the bottom line.
  • Propose how to take action and craft compelling content that keeps clients and prospects abreadth of industry trends.
Kelly Kyer
Kelly Kyer
Global Director
Technology Vertical Marketing
Phil Gomes
Phil Gomes
Senior Vice President
U.S. B2B Digital