Rethink Thought Leadership:
How to Hook and Engage the C-suite

On-Demand Webinar

Many B2B brands aspire to ‘thought leadership’ – becoming the bastion of credibility and authority in their field.

81% of CEOs, CFOs and other top-level executives – the so-called C-suite – said that they had greater trust in partners that are perceived as thought leaders, according to research by LinkedIn and Edelman. Yet 80% of C-level executives also say they are becoming more selective in the content they consume. So what can marketers do to break through the noise and cement their brand in the minds of senior executives?

Join our on-demand webinar to learn how the right content marketing can engage top-level executives.

Hosted by Caspian Woods, our expert panel will debate and discuss:

  • What are the content formats and channels that C-suite execs most engage with?
  • How do you build a C-suite customer journey?
  • How can you measure return on investment robustly from a campaign?

Featured Speakers

Caspian Woods
Caspian Woods
Founder and CEO

Chris Marino
Chris Marino
Director, Global Social Media Strategy
American Express
Global Commercial Payments
Luke Collins
Luke Collins
Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief
Deloitte Insights

Monica Woodley
Monica Woodley
Global Head of Content and PR
Legg Mason