Thursday, August 13, 2020
9:00am PT | 12:00pm ET

Everyone knows that a marketer’s most important audience is the customer. But too often today another critical audience is overlooked: your CFO. Just like the customer is always right, Finance always gets the final say – over your budget, your KPIs, and your success.

The influence of finance departments in your business is only expanding during this economic downturn, and marketers need to learn how to better align with them to weather this time of uncertainty and create maximum value.

In this Live with Marketers live broadcast, we will cover research led by the IPA’s Fran Cassidy and LinkedIn’s B2B Institute exploring the approach of high-achieving CMOs and CFOs. Learn how to positively shift your relationship with finance using shared language and trusted relationships within the business.

We'll cover our value framework for marketers:

  • Use the language of value creation and of business
  • Scale the understanding of value creation in financial literacy
  • Have an evidence based mindset and use value based metrics

And more! See you there!

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Ty Heath
Ty Heath
Global Lead
B2B Institute
Fran Cassidy
Fran Cassidy
Consultant, Institute of Practitioners
Advertising (IPA) and Founder
Cassidy Media Partnership
Frank Cooper
Frank Cooper
Senior Managing Director & Global Chief Marketing Officer
Rob Norman
Rob Norman
Former CEO and Senior Advisor, LinkedIn Senior Advisor