What was the sales challenge?

Like many business-to-business (B2B) sales teams, Hyland faced problems with:

  • Finding the right decision makers
  • Building relationships across large, cross-functional decision-making teams
  • Staying in touch with and on top of their accounts during long sales cycles

Many of their sales reps used databases and conference lists to find new decision makers in their target regions and verticals. But all too often, this info was out of date or very limited, making it difficult for reps to focus their relationshipbuilding efforts.

And things only intensified when the sales team was asked to take on even more responsibility for lead generation – and own 60% of their own pipeline.

Because an average OnBase purchase totals about $200,000, most of Hyland’s customers bring multiple decision makers into the purchase process – usually 6 to 8 people per account. That means Hyland reps must be able to identify and build relationships with many individuals, including information technology (IT) executives and C-level teams.

Who are the target audience?

Hyland targets decision makers in information technology (IT), CXOs, and business owners at companies with complex, paper-driven processes.

The Results

Faced with these challenges, the team turned to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which has helped them:

  • Cut their prospecting time in half
  • More effectively engage decision makers at their accounts
  • Keep up on key changes that may impact the sales cycle

With access to LinkedIn’s 500M+ professionals and Premium Search filters like seniority, industry, and more, the Hyland team can quickly find the right people. In fact, Hyland’s reps estimate that Premium Search alone has cut their prospecting time in half.

Intelligent Lead Recommendations make it easy to discover new opportunities to build relationships at an account. They also use TeamLink to find ways to strengthen those relationships with the help of their colleagues at Hyland. As a result, they’ve doubled and even tripled their number of contacts at target accounts.

Sales Navigator’s real-time updates help reps stay on top of:

  • New decision makers at their accounts
  • Content their prospects and customers are sharing on LinkedIn
  • News that signals new sales opportunities

About Hyland, creator of OnBase

Hyland, creator of OnBase, is one of the largest independent enterprise content management (ECM) vendors. Its product, OnBase, is an award-winning software solution that solves problems resulting from time-consuming, costly, and error-plagued manual, paper-based tasks. OnBase is a suite of document, process, and case-management solutions that help organizations streamline processes and become more efficient.

INDUSTRY: Computer Software
NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 1,001 - 5,000

In their own words

“So we've reduced sales cycles … 30 [to] 60 percent, which has been huge for us when you consider [it’s usually] 12 to 18 months. If you can condense that to four to seven months, that's a big deal.”

Mike Cachat, Industry Account Manager, Insurance Solutions Group


“[Sales Navigator] has cut my search time virtually in half… Once I find the organization that I’d like to target, I’m able to go into Navigator and save the account and then also find out the specific names and titles of those individuals and save those as ... leads.”

Nadeen Freed, Healthcare, Account Specialist

“There’s no question that Sales Navigator gets me the information I need as quickly as I need it to make effective decisions.”

PJ Myers, Healthcare Strategic Accounts Manager