End Cold Calling Tip #1: Gather Sales Insights

An IBM preference study has shown that cold calls are only 3% effective. Sales reps' lack of understanding of their prospects contributes to this low success rate.

The same study also indicates 75% of B2B buyers use social media as part of their decision process. Sellers must assert themselves into those channels to gather insights prior to the initial conversation.

In fact, 87% of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator customers said they have gained insights about their sales leads they wouldn’t have known otherwise.


End Cold Calling Tip #2: Find the Connections

Find the easiest path to reach your prospect through common connections.  A connection could be a person, a group, an interest, or anything you and your prospects have in common.

A call center research in Florida indicates starting a phone conversation with “I understand we share a common LinkedIn group” increases the likelihood of an appointment setup by 70%.

Find common people connection is easier than ever with LinkedIn. TeamLink, one of the key features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, automatically shows how a prospect is connected with members of your organization.



End Cold Calling Tip #3: Create a Trusted Brand

A LinkedIn profile helps define who you are as a professional.  A well-built and informative profile can create trust and rapport with your prospect. 

Highlight your skills, successes, and what makes you and your business unique. Use images, presentations, and video to showcase your accomplishments.

Here are 10 tips to build your professional brand:

End Cold Calling Tip #4: Use the Right Sales Tool

Here are some key LinkedIn Sales Navigator features to help eliminate cold calls:

  • TeamLink – See who within your company is connected to your prospects for warm introductions.
  • InMail – Send messages to people outside your network even if you don't have their email address.
  • Lead Recommendations – Get recommendations to influencers and decision makers.
  • Real-Time Sales Updates - Get relevant and timely sales insights on your accounts and leads.
  • Introductions – Get introduced to your prospect through common connections.


"I love Sales Navigator as it has ended my need to cold call! Very easily, I can see who I need to contact in order to get a warm intro to various targets..."

Gillian O'Rourke Business Development Manager, Invest Northern Ireland

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