• Searching buyer intent keywords related to challenges and pain points

  • Clicking on an advertisement for a specific product, service

  • Downloading an ebook or report that answers buyer intent questions 

  • Posting questions on social media to get recommendations from friends and colleagues

  • Visiting a website or company page to learn about a product or service

  • Viewing a sales rep’s social media page to learn about their industry expertise

  • Accepting an InMail request to learn more about a company, product, or service

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  • What industries and size of businesses will buy their specific product or service?

  • Are the buyers of that business CEOs, CFOs, directors, or middle managers?

  • Who at that organization can also influence decisions?

  • What are the common customer challenges and pain points that lead them to intend to buy a new product or service?

  • How can those challenges be translated into buyer intent keywords that a prospect might use to search for solutions?

  • How can a business address those pain points through lead generation content or brand awareness campaigns?

  • What are some reasons why a customer might be reluctant to buy?

  • What types of sales solutions and resources will help to ease their minds?

To understand a buyer persona better and discover what kinds of professionals are already visiting a brand’s website, businesses can use LinkedIn’s Website Demographics.

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  • Following and frequently visiting a LinkedIn company page or website

  • Following or visiting a seller’s LinkedIn profile

  • Completing a lead generation form through an ad

  • Accepting an InMail request

Category Buyer Activity Currently Available
in Sales Navigator
Buyer Identity
Company engagement Following a company   ✔ Identity visible
  LinkedIn Company page visits   ✔ Buyer profile visible
Employee interactions Profile visits to self   ✔ Identity visible
  New connection to self   ✔ Identity visible
  New connection
in the company
  Identity visible
  Profile visits to sellers on contract, or visits to leadership   ✔ Buyer profile visible
Ads engagement Lead generation form completion   ✔ Identity visible
  LinkedIn ads engagement   Buyer profile visible
Outreach response Accept InMail request to colleagues on contract   ✔ Identity visible for InMails from contact
Website visit Company official website visits   Buyer profile visible
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