Illustrated green graduation cap with yellow tassels sitting within a pink circle
Illustration of woman walking across room to shake man’s hand, with two bulletin boards in the background with different shapes of paper hanging from them
Illustration of older man speaking to women and man in break room setting
Illustration of woman standing and pointing to her projected presentation leads a man and two other women, who are sitting in a training session. A single wall shelf holding some books and a vase hangs to the left of the projection screen
Illustration of bearded man speaking in front of a gray bar chart on the wall and holding a blue marker. A circular wall clock hangs to the top right.
Illustration of man speaking in front of an events calendar with marked off dates represented by green circles and holding a microphone
Woman and man sitting on a couch facing each other, with knees crossed, having a conversation
illustration of a group of people looking at a video on a monitor
Tassel from a graduation cap lying on wooden table
 A team of five coworkers sits or stands around a coffee table, working on a project. Behind them a large window overlooks a city
Illustration of man dancing in a work setting
illustration of a women and man socially distanced sitting on a sofa