Case studies and best practices from companies gaining traction with their Diversity and Inclusion efforts:

  • Driving accountability across leadership. Sodexo has developed a diversity scorecard that links results to leadership bonuses
  • Teaming with supply chain partners. BHP has worked with equipment providers to improve boots, helmets and clothing offered to women employees
  • Educating employees. Zoom partnered with Time4Learning to launch a series of talks (“Zoom Talks”) about race. Both employees and customers were invited along their Diversity & Inclusion journey
  • Adapting to regional context through D&I ambassadorship. Heineken trained 80 volunteer ambassadors across many regions to make recommendations to local management about D&I initiatives and used work communication platforms to share best practices being developed for their region

We stay true to our vision of creating economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce; it’s a continuous effort to bring this to life in every interaction we have as a company, including our products. 

  • Representative Gender Ranking: In Recruiter,  search results are designed to reflect the gender distribution in each industry
  • Global Gender Insights Report: Customers can benchmark gender diversity hiring goals against a given  industry and establish more equitable hiring in LinkedIn Talent Insights
  • Removing profile pictures: By default, LinkedIn Recruiter shows a member's profile photo. Admins can activate and deactivate the feature for the contract
  • LinkedIn learning has courses and learning pathways on DIBs
  • Our disability answer desk- If you find an accessibility bug or have trouble using LinkedIn with assistive technology, contact us and we’ll reach out to help you through it
  • Removing last names (Member): Members can select to show only the first letter of their last name
  • Self-ID (Member): Where members identifies themselves as He/She/ Combines member data to provide aggregate insights such as salary ranges, industry statistics, and career trends for purposes such as assessing and improving pay equality 
  • Name Pronunciation (Member): Members can record how to pronounce their names and have it displayed on their LinkedIn profile for others to know