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A look inside remote job trends

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The future of remote working

While this is a time of incredible challenges, there are also opportunities for companies to empower their employees through remote working. Remote working has offered companies a chance to give their employees more control over their schedules. And, when successful, it can increase a greater sense of loyalty and trust among employers and employees. 

Will remote roles maintain their newly found popularity? Or is it out of necessity for now? Time will tell; however, it looks likely that COVID-19 will have a lasting and transformative effect on the talent ecosystem globally – especially for remote jobs. Flexibility and adaptability may become the key words for both employees and employers for 2020 and beyond.

Where previously businesses may have been rooted in traditional office-based set ups, businesses are now recognising the need to adapt as remote working is becoming the norm. A recent LinkedIn Confidence Index survey in the UK showed that two-thirds of those surveyed felt they can be effective when working remotely, and 55% indicated that they believe their industry as a whole can operate effectively with people working remotely.

What does this mean for you as a recruiter or HR professional?

It may be time to start considering the option of remote working as a selling point or in the least a strong differentiator for roles. With an increasing demand or appetite for remote roles, the ordinary factors for assessing candidates may also need to change. Here are a few aspects you may need to now consider:  

  • For employer branding, communicating the online culture of your company will now become essential; whilst people may be working remotely, they’ll still want to feel part of your company. Find out how to navigate employer branding in the new normal here.
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  • For managing remote teams, ensure you are up to date with the latest techniques to keep productivity high. From the best remote interviews tips to team bonding, discover our guide to hiring and managing remote teams here.
  • For virtual onboarding, start exploring how you can help remote workers get up and running smoother and quicker. Learn how to boost productivity, retention rates and engagement in our virtual onboarding article here.
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