• The Relevance Imperative

    Marketing has undergone a massive transformation in the last decade. Equipped with ever more sophisticated tools, B2B marketers are uniquely poised to impact business and drive revenue like never before. Insights posed by an increasingly complex buyer’s journey will help marketers to not only keep pace, but forge confidently ahead.

  • Demystifying B-to-B Buying 2015 and Beyond

    • Marisa Kopec, Vice President and Group Director, SiriusDecisions

    We hear the same mantra every day: B-to-B buyers are in control. But what many don’t know is whether the purchasing decision making process is linear and sequential, or more episodic. A major new SiriusDecisions research study has investigated how b-to-b buyers truly behave, and is prepared to debunk myths and validate the realities of marketing and sales roles in today’s environment. Marisa will unveil the findings from this provocative new study that will challenge the common industry perspective that b-to-b sales representatives’ roles and importance are declining due to a disintermediation by digital buying behaviors.

  • Data Fueling Creativity

    With buyers living online and consulting their networks to research potential purchases, effectively reaching, nurturing and converting prospects has only become harder. Join us for a lively discussion with industry luminaries on content marketing, lead generation and how data can drive success. 

  • Insights From The Cutting Edge

    • Alison Engel, Vice President Global Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
    • Maggie Fox, SVP, SAP Experience, Global Marketing, SAP
    • Margaret Molloy, CMO | Global Chief Marketing Officer + Head of Business Development, Siegel+Gale
    • Carrie Seifer, President, Digital, Data & Technology, Mediavest USA

    A panel of senior leaders discuss how top brands are investing in content programs, nurturing strategies, and the latest marketing technologies to scale growth. Ten year’s ago marketing automation was just a twinkle in the eye of only the most visionary—now, it’s the price of admission. We’ll ask our panel for their take on the future, where they see the greatest opportunities for disruption, and who they’ll hire to make it all happen.

  • Wrap And Close

    • Penry Price, Vice President of Global Sales, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions