The Ultimate Social Selling Glossary

This glossary contains the definitions of key social selling terms to help beginners and veterans alike improve their social sales strategies.

June 5, 2017

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If you’re new to social selling, you are no doubt seeing terms you haven’t seen before. Even if you’re a sales veteran, some of the terms you’ve known for years have taken on a different meaning when applied to a social sales strategy.

The glossary of terms below offers a brief introduction to the world of social sales by defining the key terms and phrases you will encounter. Use this social selling glossary to navigate unfamiliar terms and situations while also learning how to apply your sales expertise to target, understand, and engage modern buyers.


ABC - Always Be Connecting: You may be more familiar with the famous industry slogan, “Always Be Closing.” While old-school salespeople may still adhere to this rule, the modern sales industry has moved away from this pressure-oriented approach. For social sellers, Always Be Connecting means building deeper relationships with buying committee members at your target accounts and winning them over with insightful, value-laden engagement.

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Account-Based Marketing (ABM): Account-Based Marketing represents a total alignment of marketing and sales teams, combined with the use of innovative technologies to facilitate this collaboration and improve targeting of top accounts. Instead of taking a shotgun approach to sales and marketing, ABM picks its individual targets carefully.


Buyer Behavior: These are the thoughts and actions that lead a buyer to make purchasing decisions. Buyer behavior is reflected by a range of online and offline channels, including social activity, which salespeople can use to identify interested prospects and engage them on social media.

Buying Committee: This group is responsible for evaluating potential purchases and partnerships at a business. For sales professionals, the buying committee is the core group of business professionals to win over in a B2B sales effort.

Buying Signal: Any communication from a sales prospect, direct or indirect, that indicates an interest in making a purchase.


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