Warm leads on tap

In their Corporate IT GTM, Macquarie Telecom targets mid-sized businesses and Luke Clifton, the Group Executive, Sales and Marketing, says, “We are laserfocussed on targeting this group and LinkedIn is a pivotal part of our go-to-market strategy”.

When Sales Navigator was first introduced at Macquarie Telecom some of the sales team were a bit sceptical but Clifton says, “Once the sales team saw how it worked, saw opportunities and a massive pool of leads, they became excited. They were definitely on board.” Clifton found that the sales team gained a significant advantage with more qualified leads, explaining, “We deliberately do not invest in above the line brand awareness for our company, but rather rely on our reputation, word of mouth and our networks to win new business. Sales Navigator has assisted us in accelerating that strategy and that approach.” 

An exciting roll-out

When it came to launching Sales Navigator within Macquarie Telecom, Clifton wanted to get the team excited and says, “We told them that there was a new tool, and we told them there was limited access which created demand.” The pilot went smoothly and managers worked closely with the sales team to ensure the best use of LinkedIn as Clifton explains, “We ran web briefing sessions and the sales managers had regular one-on-one time with individuals to see how they used it and to share good ‘tricks’. We threw everything at it for a month then let it stand up for itself, which it did.” To review and report on the performance was essential for Macquarie Telecom and Clifton says, “I grab the CSV export and set benchmarks around it. I’m a big advocate of Sales Navigator’s dashboard reporting.”

Sometimes it is who you know

The results were instantaneous with Sales Navigator as Clifton explains, “By the time the pilot was finished, we’d had a return greater than the one year investment. We achieved a 100% ROI during the 90 day pilot.” The sales team were also able to identify previously unexplored connections within prospective accounts as Clifton recounts, “Through navigator, a BDM identified that one of our staff went to school with the COO of the equity firm that owned a prospective company; they were family friends for 23 years and we won the account.” There was a similar instance with a large leisure and hospitality group as Clifton recalls, “We identified that our CFO worked with their COO for a decade. The account now returns $85,000 in revenue each month.”

About Macquarie Telecom

Founded in 1992, Macquarie Telecom provides combined hosting, cloud and telecommunications solutions to Australian business and Federal Government customers. With a focus on exceptional customer experience, Macquarie Telecom enables organisations to make faster decisions, and to become more collaborative, resilient, secure and ready for the cloud. With a niche target audience, low brand awareness and unreliable databases, Macquarie Telecom leveraged Sales Navigator to expand their market penetration.

INDUSTRY: Communications
NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 201 - 500
HQ LOCATION: Sydney, Australia

In their own words

“Once the sales team saw how it worked, saw opportunities and a massive pool of leads, they became excited”. 

Luke Clifton, Group Executive, Sales and Marketing