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A look inside remote job trends

Europe and the Middle East

What does this mean for recruitment businesses?

Will remote roles maintain their newly found popularity? 

Time will tell; however, it looks likely that COVID-19 will have a lasting and transformative effect on the talent ecosystem globally – especially for remote jobs. Flexibility and adaptability may become the key words for both candidates and clients for 2020 and beyond.

Where previously businesses may have been rooted in traditional office-based set ups, businesses are now recognising the need to adapt as remote working is becoming the norm. A recent LinkedIn Confidence Index survey in the UK showed that two-thirds of those surveyed felt they can be effective when working remotely, and 55% indicated that they believe their industry as a whole can operate effectively with people working remotely.

How can you help your teams and your clients to succeed in these rapidly changing times?


Here are couple of useful resources you might utilise while sourcing and placing talent for your clients in this increasingly virtual environment.

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