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Be provocative, and challenge your customers’ beliefs

  • Offers provocative ideas that challenge my assumptions regarding a topic (81%)
    Validates my current thinking on a topic (19%)
  • Includes 3rd party data and insights from other trusted organizations or people (80%)
    Features only proprietary insights from the company that published the piece (20%)
  • Features deep subject matter experts delving into specialized topics (77%)
    Features senior executives speaking to high-level business issues (23%)
  • A focus on analyzing current trends that are likely to be affecting my business today (62%)
    A focus that is more speculative and discusses where things might be going in my sector/industry in the future (38%)

Capture audience insights to understand which formats and styles perform best

  • Primer-style content featuring quick takeaways designed for a more general audience (59%)
    Academic-style content that is thoroughly researched and designed for an expert audience (41%)
  • Short, quickly-consumed content that makes a strong point but may be light on the details (59%)
    Long-form thought leadership that delves into the details supporting its main points (41%)
  • Offers insights that help me to better perform my day-to-day job (58%)
    Offers insights that help me to better engage with my boss or other internal stakeholders around a strategic issue (42%)

  • Something I can read (56%)
    Something I can listen to or watch (podcast, video, etc.) (44%)