Your Audience is Always On, and Visits LinkedIn on the Move*

LinkedIn Members are Becoming More Global by the Second

More than two members join per second
Two out of three new members are from outside the US 
On average, over 100M unique visitors a month

CMOs are Active Contributors to LinkedIn’s Content Economy

CMO Engagement Metrics Compared to the Average Active Member

more shares



more companies followed

more mobile views

more check InMail

Profile Picture

Pick a friendly, professional-looking picture that’s consistent with your personal brand. No casual shots, animals, or other people in the photo, please.

Custom URL

Pick the shortest, simplest available URL based on your name. Headline: Change your default job title headline to demonstrate your areas of expertise.


Share your vision and management philosophy in this personal note. Don’t be afraid to express strong opinions about the work you do and why it matters.


Prune it down to just a few relevant past roles, and explain how each contributed to the CMO you are today.


Add video, images, and SlideShare presentations that highlight your team’s strongest content.

It’s an exciting time to be a CMO.

Marketers today have a direct line to our customer
we can see what they’re thinking about and what
they need, and we can respond in real time. You can
start a dialogue, be the public face of your brand, and build your personal reputation on social media.

With LinkedIn, you have more tools at the ready to
make sure your quality content reaches the right
audience at the right time.

You can measure your efforts with a high level
of sophistication.

You can personalise with automated account
based marketing.

You can expand your reach with influence
marketing and native advertising.

You can earn more attention with
multimedia content.

If you’re ready to take action, LinkedIn can help

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Rebecca Allen
Managing Director, Contently
Steve Rayson
Director, Buzzsumo
Maureen Blandford
Digital Convergence: Product • Marketing • Sales • Success
Cedric Chambaz
Marketing Director Europe, Bings Ads, Microsoft
John Watton
Senior Marketing Director/VP Marketing/CMO, Adobe
Nico Lutkins
Marketing Director, LinkedIn
Jeremy Waite
Evangelist, IBM
Anita Idisi
Digital & Partner Marketing, Panintelligence
Heidi Taylor
Managing Director, HeidiTaylor Marketing
Ravleen Beeston
Head of Sales, Bing, UK, Microsoft
Daniel Bonner
Global Chief Creative Officer at SapientRazorfish
Doug Kessler
Creative Director, Co-Founder, Velocity Partners
Jason A Miller
Group Manager, Global Content and Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn